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Toga/Tonga and such

Update November 2002:

The annual meeting of The Nordic Committee on Toga/Tonga Matters and Such (NCTTMS) turned out to be a meeting of catching up on significant toga/tonga matters.

We (the chair woman of the NCTTMS) did urge the members of the NCTTMS to remember the next annual meeting which is due in (outside) Copenhagen the last weekend in June 2003.

Several members expressed anger considering that the chair woman had actually visited Amsterdam on her own last summer without notifying the other members of the committee.

The issue that the chair woman had actually bought herself a pair of boots made for walking was not breefly, but rather thorougly discussed throughout the annual meeting.

It also turned out that the chair woman of the NCTTMS after one week in Amsterdam was sitting in her very own window. Wearing boots originally made for walking. Not sitting.

The chair woman and the main members of the NCTTMS strongly urge all members to notify other members whenever they buy themselves a pair of boots or by some reason find themselves sitting in a window in Amsterdam.

Regarding the Annual Abba Toga non Tonga arrangement 2002:

We regret to inform female members that the annual Abba arrangement will not find place in Oslo this year. Instead we will meet in UK in December, and the chair woman has not yet been able to find a location that will guarantee Toga without Tonga without making the guests listen to both Supertramp and ABBA.


The Nordic Committee on Toga/Tonga Matters and Such (NCTTMS) was founded outside the European Union in April 2002.
Attending the foundation of the NCTTMS were several members from several Nordic groups representing the average consumer with interests including Toga/Tonga Matters and Such.


  • Toga/Tonga Matters and Such does include toga matters both including tonga and not including tonga
  • Toga/Tonga Matters and Such does not include matters not including either toga or tonga. Still, by some strange reason, unspesific garnments can substitute toga when members of the NCTTMS find it necessary or amusing.
  • If no toga is present, members of the NCTTMS will find it necessary to allow tonga.
  • However; no member of NCTTMS should ever feel obliged to either support tonga or exercise tonga
  • Regarding the Annual Abba Toga non Tonga arrangement, all members of the Nordic Committee on TTMS are entitled to read the report from this happening. However, male members has to respect the decision made by the Female Group within the Nordic Committee on Toga/Tonga Matters and Such (FGNCTTMS) not to include male members at this annual happening.

The problem of discrimination:

Male members of NCTTMS have tended to shout in order to express their anger towards the females only limitation at the Annual Abba Toga non Tonga arrangement.
The female members of NCTTMS wishes to stress once and for all that the male members of the committee are better off without the annual Abba stuff.


The NCTTMS is founded due to strong need of vodka consuming conversation.
The main goal is to spread the word of the toga/tonga issues throughout Europe, and especially throughout the Nordic countries who are in need of toga/tonga influence before it's too late.

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