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Unfortunately: Our English is not even adequate. But:
Entering this site, you should know that what ever you may find here, is the product of political illiterates. Or even more: Political agnostics.
It is important that you understand this lack of basic political instincts or insights, since we tend to use not very flattering words when we for instance compare our Norwegian Prime Minister with anything disgusting that comes into our mind.

We really dislike Kjell Magne Bondevik. A lot. Sorry you had to find out.
We also really dislike GWB. A lot.
The temporary column "Dagens goggen" has been established to support our readers with up-to-date input on why they better not embrace GWB.

This completes the service offered to English readers by HP23.
We plan on supplying you with further information in English soon as we become rich&famous. Or maybe soon as we become unemployed. Which is bound to happen sooner or later with the our kind of attitude.
You might be pleased to find we actually have got one more section for English speeking persons (or morever; non-Norwegians):
Toga/Tonga and such

We doubt very much that you will find any pleasure reading this section. But the language seems to be slightly better in that section. Which is due to the section beeing established/updated during periods of frequent travelling. Or something like that.

Additional information:
Visit Norway!
It's cold!
We're cold!
We're not hospitable!
And we eat whales.

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